Where to make the best photo of Tenerife?photo made at the Masca on Tenerife. If you have a look on it you will have an idea where to make the best photo of Tenerife

Tenerife is an amazing island. Surrounded by the Atlantic ocean, having huge valleys and hills it will always give you options where to make the best photo of Tenerife. It has dozens of places where you can surely have a good shot. Let’ have a look on my recommendations about where to go. Of course you can find more interesting places and good angles so take it with a grain of salt and jump in.

North is green, South is dry

If you would like to shoot green nature in any manner you will have to keep North on Tenerife. The South region is well-known for its dry climate. There is no chance to shoot green nature photos on the lower parts of Tenerife. By the photographer point of view maybe it is worth going to the Northern areas to capture some wonderful shots.

La Orotava Valley

One of the best views you can get on the island is the “La Orotava” valley. Thousands of houses lay here at some square kilometres making a spectacular area. The best photographing place to the Teide is just above the La Orotava valley. Here you can get the Teide and the enormous valley on the same shot.


Jut as mentioned, the Teide can be shot from the highest points of the La Orotava Valley. Also there are several view to the Teide up there at the Teide National park zone. Please note that that you cannot fly with drones at the Teide National Park.

Teide national park is also amazing place to make photos when you visit TenerifeTeide National Park

Teide National Park means the 60% area of Tenerife. This contains forests, hills and mountains, valleys and the giant Teide volcano. Travelling through the Teide National Park you can surely make some of the best photos of Tenerife. Due to the height of the Teide National Park (about 2000 metres in general) on Tenerife this give the best spots for nighttime photography. It is usually above the clouds so there is nothing blocking the view to the stars and the Milky Way up there.

El Médano and the windy South

Do you like windy sports? If so I can tell you that you can make the best photo of Tenerife around the El Médano area. The beaches are occupied by surfers, windsurfers and kite surfers all year round. Except the windless days of course but there is not so much.

From Las Americas to Los Gigantes

Do you like to shoot sandy beaches and sunsets with an island on the sight? You can surely make the best photos of Tenerife for your portfolio then from Las Americas to Los Gigantes, on the western part of Tenerife. Each sunset is amazing on this island and we always have La Gomera, another island in sight which affects the view so it is really spectacular.

Urban areas & Street photography

Do you like the street photography? Would you like to see real city life on the Canary Islands? You have to go to the North of Tenerife then. Santa Cruz is the capital of the island and it is a well-known touristic area as well. Lived by locals mostly with a more western culture makes the city vibrating and relaxed at the same time. For street photographers this place is really the one where they can make the best photos of Tenerife during their holiday.

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