What attracts the tourists to Tenerife?

What attracts the tourists to Tenerife?Loro Parque is one the things what attracts the tourists to Tenerife. The dolphins jump over a small girl with a small boat.

Our island is a paradise for the tourists. Millions of people arrive each year and there are some good reasons to it. Tenerife is more than a really beautiful place. It is a combination of nature, sea, beaches, culture, food and entertainment. Okay, we all know it but do you know what attracts the tourists to Tenerife?

Loro Parque

The Number 1 of the world. We proudly say, it is the real Numero Uno! If a zoo is the best on the planet, it is obvious that many tourist, mostly the ones with children will come to see it. The entrance fee is as low as 39€ for adults and 19€ for kids so it is really not so much I think. The zoo is located on the North in the city of Puerto de La Cruz. It is an amazing town so people can have a walk after the whole day of animal shows.

Siam Park

The Number 1 again. Siam Park is told to be the best water theme park on the planet by the visitors on the Trip Advisor.

Families with babies are not gonna find too many things to enjoy but for adults with any age will find it really enjoyable to have a full day waterpark ride there. It is located on the South of Tenerife near Las Americas which is one of the main touristic areas on the island.


You must know Tenerife of its beaches and the sea and the all-year-round perfect weather. But you should also know that not everywhere on the island we have dry weather. Tenerife North is well known for its rainforest area (Anaga) where the tourists love to do some hiking and forest trips. If we talk about the things those attract tourists to Tenerife we cannot avoid mentioning the amazing Teide National Park as well.


Tenerife is a real volcano land. Teide is the highest mountain of the Atlantics and the highest point of Spain. It’s 3,718 meter (12,198 feet) is high enough to feel exhausted when you are up there even if you are just sitting. Tourists are attracted by this amazing mountain and almost everybody who comes to visit our island will make a trip up there.

Beaches, Ocean, Weather

And there it is. What attracts tourists to Tenerife? These. We have all-year-round perfect weather. Summers are around 27 and Winters are 22 degrees of Celsius every year. And even on winter if there is any bit of sunshine reaching you, you will surely take off your T-shirt. The sun is so powerful down here that any day of the year you will be burnt alive if you stay on the sun without protection.


What else could we end up with about the things those attract the tourists to Tenerife the most? The prices, yes. The Canary Islands are very well known for their pocket friendly pricing. But all above these Tenerife is way more cheaper than the other islands. 1€ beer just in the first raw of the bars at the beach will make you love this place. Are you waiting for something more? Come and visit us!

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