Vacation rental photography on Tenerife

As we live on the Canary Islands, most of the people are connected to the tourism. The competition is quite high so you need to be one step ahead your competitors. I offer special service for Vacation Rental, it is the vacation rental decoration. Selling a house might need good photos. But selling a house for tourists as an alternative to the hotels, you will need vacation rental photography,.


When people see the listings on the,, or any of these they will see lots of listings of properties. If you wanna stand out of the crowd you need to do some extra effort. For vacation rental I always recommend my clients to decorate the apartment/house before my arrival. It means towels, plates, utensils, flowers, food and beverages, champagne, etc. Depending on the actual property. The reason we do it that the visitors will see not just photos of your property to rent but the photos also will deliver a feeling. When the tourists seek their home for their stay for their holiday it will be much easier to feel the warmth and relaxation of an apartment / house which has towels on the beds, some more flowers, scarfs and straws on the sunbeds, foods on the table set for guests. (also I highly recommend to state in the description of the listing that the decoration does not come with the property and they will not be served with the champagne, food, drinks, etc. during their stay.

If you would like me, I can come with a decorator assistant and with lots of stuffs to make the photography work. This means that the session will take 2-3 hours more but we can take care of all of these things. All you need to do is to open up the property for us.

Please have a look on the photos below to have an idea about the service we provide for vacation rental photography.

Decoration next to a jacuzzi on Tenerife seaside

Decoration used on a balcony in an apartment on tenerife. La Gomera on sight.



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