The emotional “first impression” is very important when we are shooting a real estate. The viewers must see themselves in the middle of their new home / vacation. There is a way we can achieve this. In the world of photography we call it “Staging”.


Setting up the scene


By my staging service I can come to your property with a decorator and we set up everything for the photo shooting. We also take accessories, materials with us just like flowers, foods, pillows, bed linings, small lamps etc. with us to make the most appealing best-balanced photos of your home. There can be many reasons why we need this service to be done but in the Canary Islands I do it the most time for vacation rental purposes.

For my clients, who has their properties rented week by week it is very important to stand out of the crowd with a kind of special ambience on their photos. With my Staging service you will be able to represent your property for your targeted clients on the way the biggest companies do it. Have a look on my photos here below to see how the staging photos look like.

An image was set up with staging decoration

Staging decoration is used for this image of a villa


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