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It is high time to talk about making video of the real estates. New experiences are waiting for you. Why? Because the viewer will feel the space, all dimensions and the location much better by a video than on a photo. You will never get the benefits of a video on an image.

The biggest benefit of making a video of a property is the availability of making a virtual tour of a premise in 2 minutes. A video can show every corner and wall on a proper order to lead the viewer by a certain order to catch the point. By this small “trick” the depth of field and the benefits of the property can be highlighted as you wish them to be so.

This is a new and really very good way to show the property as it is. Get a step closer to get your property shown by a video.

My video service is an additional plus to represent your premise better. I can also shoot video from the air using drone, for more information please have a look on my Aerial / Drone page.

You can see two videos here of the same property, a wonderful pension in Mogán, Gran Canaria, the Casa El Siroco. Same property, but different cut.

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