Real estate photography

The Canary Islands is one of the mostly rotating real estate market of Spain. There are waves of the sales but it is crystal clear that you have to keep up with your competition. These years when everybody has a camera in their pocket in 100% of the time, it seemed obvious that a real estate agent or the owner itself could make the photos of the property to represent it for online use or print but there is a reason why the big companies use real estate photography service.

You can have a property good priced, has something special or even is on a great location. But in our world today when people scroll over the internet without reading but only looking at the photos it’s the easiest way to get your ads out of the others by taking perfect photos.

My services

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Drone video- and photography

Real estate photographer

This is the point where a skilled, experienced and specialized fotógrafo inmobiliario is needed. We call this profession to be architecture photography.

I am asked sometimes: “What is the difference, you can make as an architecture photographer?”

First of all, selling faster of course. But what real estate photography is about delivering the feeling what you have in that room. I don’t like the “fisheye” or “ultra-wide-angle” photos because they not just cheat with the space but makes the most important things tiny small as well instead of highlighting them.

(Let me share some tips with you in my “The secret – How can I make good real estate photos” article)


Focus on your real buyers

I have many clients who want me to make photos of a property because they want to avoid unwanted visits. This can be achieved by professional photography. Not because the photos have better quality, higher resolution, etc. The way I see a property is completely different.

Having the right presentation of your real estate will not just help to avoid unwanted visits but also to sell for a higher price. Never forget this: There is no second chance for the first impression and the first impression is ALWAYS a photo in the real estate or the property rental business.

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