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Real estate photography in Tenerife

twilight photo of a bedroom with bath tub in the windows, with view to Las Americas, real estate photographyThe Canary Islands is one of the mostly rotating real estate market of Spain. There are waves of the sales but it is crystal clear that you have to keep up with your competition. These years when everybody has a camera in their pocket in 100% of the time, it seemed obvious that a real estate agent or the owner itself could make the photos of the property to represent it for online use or print but there is a reason why the big companies use real estate photography service.

You can have a property good priced, has something special or even is on a great location. But in our world today when people scroll over the internet without reading but only looking at the photos it’s the easiest way to get your ads out of the others by taking perfect photos.

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About my technique

Why is it necessary to get an interior photographer to show the interiors really well?

If I shall give a short answer I would say “Because the camera sees differently”. It is not about the camera actually, it is about your Brain. Because you do not only see with your eyes. As you move with your head, as your eyes change the focus point, as you have a sense of dimensions – your brain collects all data and makes a 3D sense of the interior. It is not just a photo, not even a video. Your brain feels not just the space but all furniture, everything which is within the interior. As you move, the light on them reflects differently and that makes sense for your brain of surface, quality, material.

If you think the difference is HUGE, you might be disappointed. The difference is not brutal for an untrained eye but it is there in many details which makes the whole photo to be much better, showing everything perfectly. I have made some sample images for you to show the difference of this technique compared to a normal photo.

My Premium service means a special lighting technique of interiors. All I do is to help to get images which lighten up on different parts to highlight interesting spots to draw the viewer’s eye and to show details better. You must have seen advertisements of products where the photo was so “live” that you exactly saw the fabric and quality of materials used. It is because of the quality, power and the direction of the lighting. You can show good quality fabrics and materials – like we have in many high-end properties – only by directional artificial lighting. I always used to say here, do not be afraid, it is not cheating. We are actually doing our best to record some more information on a 2D image.


Real estate photographer

This is the point where a skilled, experienced and specialized real estate photographer is needed. We call this profession to be architecture photography.

I am asked sometimes: “What is the difference, you can make as an architecture photographer?”

First of all, selling faster of course. But what real estate photography is about delivering the feeling what you have in that room. I don’t like the “fisheye” or “ultra-wide-angle” photos because they not just cheat with the space but also make the most important things tiny small as well instead of highlighting them.


Gallery here


Vacation Rental Photography

When people see the listings on the,, or any of these they will see lots of listings of properties. If you wanna stand out of the crowd you need to do some extra effort. For vacation rental I always recommend my clients to decorate the apartment/house before my arrival. It means towels, plates, utensils, flowers, food and beverages, champagne, etc. Depending on the actual property. The reason we do it that the visitors will see not just photos of your property to rent but the photos also will deliver a feeling. When the tourists seek their home for their stay for their holiday it will be much easier to feel the warmth and relaxation of an apartment / house which has towels on the beds, some more flowers, scarfs and straws on the sunbeds, foods on the table set for guests.

If you would like me, I can come with a decorator assistant and with lots of stuffs to make the photography work. This means that the session will take 2-3 hours more but we can take care of all of these things.





Hotel Photographer

Having poor quality photos of your hotel will turn into disadvantage in competitiveness. Those competitors on your market will get the more visitor who has the best “first impression”. And as we all know, you have no second chance for that – so this is the point where you have to think about a professional hotel photographer.

To keep your visitor for next year to choose your hotel again – It is your job. To make them love your hotel from the first sight – It is why I am here to help you with it.

I always highlight to my partners, that you DO NOT have to manage a 5 star hotel to spend on a professional photographer. Get in touch with me and I will make you some sample photos of your hotel to see what an increase is possible to be made with professional photographs.

Hotel photographer in the Canary Islands

Tourism is the environment where the professional real estate photography grew up so high. If you operate a hotel, your clients will choose your hotel by the internet mostly. It means the photos of your business will represent you.

The difference between my clients if it is a real estate agent, a holiday rental agent, private seller or a hotel is that the hotel owner or manager is the most likely sure in what they will need to see on the photos at the end. When I am making photos of hotels I always keep the main course line in focus so that my work matches the identity of the hotel. We have to achieve totally renewed representation of the hotel and to keep the actual client range at the same as well.

Hotel photography is a special field where we have to use professional techniques to achieve the real best results on photos for long-lasting imago. We have to show not just the room itself, but the view also (which is even more true on the Canary Islands). Perfect sight out of the windows, and all-around needle sharp images are a must in this industry.

The rooms must give the “I will have a good rest in this room” feel and other hotel areas are responsible for the relaxing and yet interesting stay so delivering them on my photos is also very essential


real estate photography of a pool from aboveInterior photographer on Tenerife

The space and the warmth of the area where you live and spend your time when you are at HOME is essential to be delivered by images. Interior is the most important when shooting a real estate and to be able to show the best face of it through images you might need a professional interior photographer.

When you make photos you always have to keep in focus to make the viewers able to catch the feeling standing there. Proper equipment is unavoidable to achieve this.

Removing any personal object is obvious to get proper images where the clients can see the property as their new home. Turning on all lights, pulling the curtains and showing a room from the best angle will help us to show every detail.

We have to mention that shooting an interior comes with an outlook from the windows. Many times it is very important to be able to show the interior and the view out of the windows in the same image. You can achieve this with professional photographer techniques only. Shooting with the right dynamic range and camera setups, combined with the post-processing work will give you the best photos.

It is my honor to help you to achieve the best images about your property’s interior.

Aerial / Drone photographysunset above the marvellous port of Moraira, Spain mainland. Made with a drone, DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Localization of your property might be the most powerful feature of all. Usually aerial photography can give you reasonable results to be able to show the area of your property reaching the sea and the horizon in the same photo also.

I am able to make aerial photos of your real estate with drone and to make 4K video also. We can make several shots all around the property on the ground but the first photo from the air will show the landscape and the location of the property much better. In case your property is surrounded with amazing view, close to the sea or mountains, you should not leave this opportunity to show it to your clients.

I am a licensed, registered operator in Spain which includes allowance for Canary Islands also.

Drone use might be restricted in some areas. Please note that I fly my drone only keeping the actual rules and restrictions on all the islands.

Ask me for the quotation for photography of hotels, restaurants or any commercial structure. Please, do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Architectural Photographer

Real estate photographer is actually the same as an architectural photographer. In this field of photography we are specialized to deliver photos of huge objects, which can occur a lot of problems when you try to record them with your camera.

A real estate photographer is to have wide angle lens and tilt-shift lens at least with him to be able to shoot architectural object and use them properly to avoid perspective distortion.

You can have a good camera but if you have a look on the photos you make of your property, you will see how the lines are falling apart. To get a little more knowledge about why you will need a specialized architectural photographer, read this article.

The bigger the property is, the more problems we can have to deliver the 3D spaces and objects into a 2D world. In case you would need professional photographer for your business reasons, please get in touch with me. I would love to help you making the best photos of your warehouse, office, factory, shop, restaurant, etc.

Yacht photographyyacht back with a sunset view to La Gomera, made right on the sea near Tenerife

I feel myself very fortunate to live on the Canary Islands where we have lot of opportunities to shoot yachts.

The top rated class of the luxury are the yachts. Presenting the very expensive tiny details, the feel of the never ending luxury style, that is my job! I love the yachts and love their ambience so I do have the right eye to help you deliver the highest moments by photos.

Where do I work?

I work on the Canary Islands in Spain. I live on Tenerife but if you like my work and would like me to work for you on your property, I gladly come to Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, El Hierro, La Palma and La Gomera as well. On my client needs but I also work on the Peninsula and out of Spain.

Focus on your real buyers

I have many clients who want me to make photos of a property because they want to avoid unwanted visits. This can be achieved by professional photography. Not because the photos have better quality, higher resolution, etc. The way I see a property is completely different.

Having the right presentation of your real estate will not just help to avoid unwanted visits but also to sell for a higher price. Never forget this: There is no second chance for the first impression and the first impression is ALWAYS a photo in the real estate or the property rental business.

Are you interested in my work? Have a look on my gallery here.


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