Why is it necessary to get an interior photographer to show the interiors really well?

If I shall give a short answer I would say “Because the camera sees differently”. It is not about the camera actually, it is about your Brain. Because you do not only see with your eyes. As you move with your head, as your eyes change the focus point, as you have a sense of dimensions – your brain collects all data and makes a 3D sense of the interior. It is not just a photo, not even a video. Your brain feels not just the space but all furniture, everything which is within the interior. As you move, the light on them reflects differently and that makes sense for your brain of surface, quality, material.

If you think the difference is HUGE, you might be disappointed. The difference is not brutal for an untrained eye but it is there in many details which makes the whole photo to be much better, showing everything perfectly. I have made some sample images for you to show the difference of this technique compared to a normal photo. (Please note that even if you do not choose my premium service I never deliver this kind of photo, like the “normal” is. I always add some artificial light even if you do not choose my Premium service and what I deliver is always high quality, post-processed photo of your property. “Normal” photos the unprocessed natural photos without any light added)

Showing flashes

My Premium service means a special lighting technique of interiors. All I do is to help to get images which lighten up on different parts to highlight interesting spots to draw the viewer’s eye and to show details better. You must have seen advertisements of products where the photo was so “live” that you exactly saw the fabric and quality of materials used. It is because of the quality, power and the direction of the lighting. You can show good quality fabrics and materials – like we have in many high-end properties – only by directional artificial lighting. I always used to say here, do not be afraid, it is not cheating. We are actually doing our best to record some more information on a 2D image.

My premium service means that when I am shooting the property I use artificial lighting and I make more frames for each image which then I manually blend together in a software later (yes, it is The Photoshop) by using given parts of the images. This process means more time spent on the spot and more time spent on post-processing (because interior photography is done on my computer, when I post-process the photos)

I also have my twilight photography service – for which I always use the same technique because we are lack of good quality light when shooting in dark. Let me show you a sample of using this technique for twilight photography. Have a look on the BBQ, the grass, the palm tree, the tree in the foreground. And the white balance at all.

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