Industrial / Architecture Photographer

Industrial / Architecture Photographer in Tenerife

Real estate photographer is actually the same as an architectural photographer. In this field of photography we are specialised to deliver photos of huge objects, which can occur a lot of problems when you try to record them with your camera.

A real estate photographer is to have wide angle lens and tilt-shift lens at least with him to be able to shoot architectural object and use them properly to avoid perspective distortion.

You can have a good camera but if you have a look on the photos you make of your property, you will see how the lines are falling apart. To get a little more knowledge about why you will need a specialized architectural photographer, read this article.

The bigger the property is, the more problems we can have to deliver the 3D spaces and objects into a 2D world. In case you would need professional photographer for your business reasons, please get in touch with me. I would love to help you making the best photos of your warehouse, office, factory, shop, restaurant, etc.


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