How will coronavirus affect Tenerife tourism?

The Coronavirus is here, globally I mean. The question is if this will affect our lovely island. Tenerife is an amazing place for tourists. Tourism is one of the major portfolio of the Canary Islands so it is understandable if we, who live here are a bit concerned about the Covid-19. So let’s see what do I think how the coronavirus will affect the tourism on Tenerife.

Less flightsThere is a 3D draw of a virus on this photo which relates to the article how will coronavirus affect Tenerife tourism?

As the 2019 Ryanair problem would have not been enough against us. We have seen a lot of cancellations in the previous weeks after the H10 Costa Adeje hotel came under quarantine. And of course it is right as people are quite worried about getting into quarantine because somebody has virus in the same hotel. It can be really a bad repute for all the hotels. In case you have an AirBNB booking that will not mean that you are quarantined. But in a big hotel like the H10 Costa Adeje is, there will be lots of negatives getting onto you as well. As these people cancelled their hotel bookings there are obviously going to be much less flights to the Canaries. The big problems are not here yet but still we see drops in number of passengers.

AirBNB will grow

There is a huge advantage of the AirBNB or any private property booking. You have nobody else so close to you to be quarantined like the guests were in the hotel. I think that there will be a huge number of people who will prefer private property booking like small apartment or an own villa. There is no worry about getting too close to others who you don’t know. Of course this is not sure but I would not be surprised to see so.

Drop in public transport?

Even if I also love the Titsa service there might be lots of people (mostly tourists) who will try to avoid to use it if possible. Hopefully this will not mean a price increasing for the others due to less usage on the buses.

TA scientist looking onto a tool which contains coronavirus probably.Holiday makers will need a boost

If you are a holiday maker, offering your property for tourists on AirBNB, Homeaway,, etc – it is sure that you will want to keep the level of your clients as high as possible. What do I recommend? Do everything to keep up the good level of clients. This might need a bit more from you, maybe even with investing into your business. What investments can you do? Well, showing its best face better to call a professional photographer. As people book online they will make decisions by photos. Believe me that you cannot achieve such results with your phone like with a professional. If you are interested in my work have a look on my gallery here.

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