How to sell a house or an apartment quickly?

Whether you are an investor or an owner, you are very interested in how you can sell your house / apartment quickly. Because everyone wants to get over the sales process as soon as possible, many are wondering what advice they can get from a professional.

I come across this question very often during my work, and many turn to me for help beyond taking the photo of the property. In this article, I have briefly summarized the tips for selling your property as quickly as possible.

Correct price estimationsell a house or apartment quickly on the Canary Islands - Tenerife

Of course, the most important thing is to be aware of the price of similar properties in the neighborhood when determining the price of a property. You cannot sell a house at any price. If you are aware that one of the flats in the condominium where your apartment is being sold for example, find out how much it is being offered for sale and see how long it will take to go. If you have the opportunity, try to gain insight into your location and the quality of the property, as these are among the factors that influence the price.

White repainting

When buying a property, it is most common to repaint the property before moving in. Painting it yourself can increase the incentive for those interested to make a purchase. Everyone paints his or her apartment or house to his or her liking, but it’s clear that the lighter the walls are, the more spacious and lighter the property feels. I photograph many homes and houses in the Canary Islands, mostly on Tenerife and know that they love the strong colors of the interiors here. However, be aware that this has a negative effect on the sense of space. It is quite likely that the new owner will drop the painting anyway, so we will only increase our chances of selling if we go beyond purity painting.

Call a professional interior photographer

This is the point where I have to briefly talk about my work. It is not our goal to attract interested people who are looking for another property. But to give you an example, taking pictures of a small apartment with too wide angle can make the rooms look much more spacious than they really are. Why would you show something spacious if it is not. If you want to sell your house quickly, it is very important that if it has a sea view for example, it should be shown in the photos. I’m not talking about making a photo of the beach from the terrace, but showing the view from the living room. This, in turn, requires a photographic technique that makes the exterior precisely and perfectly visible even when you shoot the living room. Many times the view is the most important feature of real estates.

Also if the property has high quality furniture, it can be better highlighted with proper photography techniques. Of course, there are many benefits to not trying to take a photo of our house with your smartphone for sale, but I do not want to detail these in this article. In any case, the amount you spend on a professional photo shoot is very small compared to how much it can help with sales.

Remove personal items

Those interested will look for their next home. In order to be able to imagine theirselves in a property as if they were already living there it is very important that they do not see any other personal object in the photos. Make sure you remove any objects that may make it difficult for someone to feel home before taking a photo. If you want to speed up sales, it is important that you make it easier for buyer candidates to move into their minds.

With all due respect, those who hold lots of photos of their family members in their apartment can make the apartment cluttered for others. Many private trivia, such as family photos, decorations, memorabilia, and souvenirs from a trip abroad, only worsen the eyes of a stranger the first time you look at the property.

Wait for the inquiriesTenerife house or apartment selling as fast as possible

There is no second chance at first impression – we all know that. If you really want to sell your apartment or house quickly, do it for yourself. When clients arrive, try to show the best face of the property. Try to unpack any unnecessary items and clean the windows. If you are greeted with a bunch of shoes right at the entrance, you will get a very negative impression right from the start, which may hinder the sale of your apartment or house.

If you want to sell your apartment or house quickly, do it all. The more energy we spend on selling a home, the sooner you will find your buyer. If we really want to speed things up, then we must not go along with these things. Taking the right steps can really help your sales.

Do you live in the Canary Islands?

As a real estate and architecture photographer I live in Tenerife but also work in Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, El Hierro, La Gomera and La Palma. If you like my job and would like me to help you with photography, please contact me.


Thank you for reading this article.

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