Hotel photographer in Tenerife

Having poor quality photos of your hotel will turn into disadvantage in competitiveness. Those competitors on your market will get the more visitor who has the best “first impression”. And as we all know, you have no second chance for that – so this is the point where you have to think about a professional hotel photographer.

To keep your visitor for next year to choose your hotel again – It is your job. To make them love your hotel from the first sight – It is why I am here to help you with it.

I always highlight to my partners, that you DO NOT have to manage a 5 star hotel to spend on a professional photographer. Get in touch with me and I will make you some sample photos of your hotel to see what an increase is possible to be made with professional photographs.

Hotel photographer in the Canary Islands

Tourism is the environment where the professional real estate photography grew up so high. If you operate a hotel, your clients will choose your hotel by the internet mostly. It means the photos of your business will represent you.

The difference between my clients if it is a real estate agent, a holiday rental agent, private seller or a hotel is that the hotel owner or manager is the most likely sure in what they will need to see on the photos at the end. When I am making photos of hotels I always keep the main course line in focus so that my work matches the identity of the hotel. We have to achieve totally renewed representation of the hotel and to keep the actual client range at the same as well.

Hotel photography is a special field where we have to use professional techniques to achieve the real best results on photos for long-lasting imago. We have to show not just the room itself, but the view also (which is even more true on the Canary Islands). Perfect sight out of the windows, and all-around needle sharp images are a must in this industry.

The rooms must give the “I will have a good rest in this room” feel and other hotel areas are responsible for the relaxing and yet interesting stay so delivering them on my photos is also very essential.


Ask me for the quotation for photography of hotels, restaurants or any commercial structure. Please, do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

I live in Tenerife but I work in all the Canary Islands. I will be more than happy to receive your questions.

the photo shows a hotel room photographed by Peter Kiss, a hotel photographer working on Tenerife and the Canary Islands


hotel photographer Peter Kiss has made this photo

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