Get more reservations on AirBNB or Bookingphoto showing a pool and a house. this nice photo helps you get more reservations on AirBNB or Booking

Canary Islands has tons of tourists every year. The business of “Vivienda Vacacional” is growing fast and many investors buy properties on the islands for short term rental. But some of them are struggling to achieve more sales. As a professional, working for the biggest vacation rental companies on the Canary Islands I would like to help you to get more reservations on AirBNB or Booking. Depending on the actual property there might be some differences but these 6 tips will more or less surely help you see your goals a bit different way.

Proper listing

First you shall redo your listing on AirBNB or Booking. You would never imagine how deep some people dig in the descriptions before making a reservation. Be sure that you give all needed information to your visitors on your listing page about the property. What kind of kitchen housewares are included? Will they have iron? These are questions which should not be unanswered. You can do your best by writing a proper description.

WIFI is a must

It sounds cozy that “no wifi, start taking” but when you go to travel, you want to be sure that you have a strong wifi at home. Even if there are wifi spots and all bars offering free wifi, the “home” wifi speed is never the same. On Tenerife we have quite slow connections. You have to be sure that you make it clear that you have a strong, speedy wifi connection in the apartment or house to get more reservations on Airbnb or Booking.

Reviews mean more reservations

AirBNB and Booking like the reviews. The better and more reviews you have the higher ranking you can get. Also the visitors are more likely to make a reservation at hosts with better reviews. Do your best, always. From the very beginning. Your property has to be clean and in perfect shape not just when it is photographed but also when the clients arrive. Set up yourself to higher standards and stay there. Make everything so perfect that your clients will want to make a review for you. If your property gave them a perfect stay they will not let you down.

Do not overprice

You have to see your competitors as should have clear mind when you set up your pricing. Be sure that you do not overrate your property. The questions is not “how much I want” but “how much they will pay” for a property like yours. Overpricing can be very dangerous to leave you without clients. Tenerife is really cheap in some terms so you have to be sure that your listing is on the proper price level.

The photos will sell

You could never imagine the difference between your photos and professional ones. Working on this field for years I have the experience to tell you without seeing it that your property is much better than on your photos. Photos mean the most as this is what your visitors will want to see first. But still this is the part where people love to save money as they think that they also have camera so they will do it by themselves. The reason for the good companies use professional interior photographers is that they know that this is the best investment they can make.

If you would like me my works, you can have a look on my projects here. I live on Tenerife but am working on all the Canary Islands.

Decorate before the photo shoot

Again, just like the big companies do – make some staging before clicking around. Align the chairs, dress up the table, roll up some towels on the beds and to the bath. Some flowers and fruits will make the interiors more inviting and pleasing. Do not overkill! Just keep simple and nice. The photos will have a more homey feel and the visitors can see themselves inside already so they will not go towards to the other listings. This can be a key factor, believe me. If you do it great than you can prepare to get more reservations on AriBNB or Booking immediately.


There are some rules which apply for Spanish listings. Before listing your property you can read this article about them.

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