Exterior Photography in Tenerife

Arriving home… Hearing your family’s voice before you get in. The oncoming happiness and joy in the backyard. These are what the exterior photos of any real estate should transfer. And here I am to do that as I am an specialised in exterior photography.

Any kind of property you sell the exterior photography is a very important way to get the buyers to feel as they are coming home and it is also very challenging. Many villas’ exterior are shot at twilight as the warmth and the home-feel is easier to get delivered on the photos with lights on inside and dark blue sky above the house.

A professional exterior photography must contain every small detail of the outside of the property which makes it to be a pleasurable home. Long and silent driveway, amazing view to the ocean, pool, a fantastic backyard with garden full of palm trees and flowers – they all must be shot and contained in your advertisement. Removing all personal objects like trash bins, lawn mower, ladder, hose and garden toys are essential to make shots about your premise transferring the feeling standing in your backyard.

Everybody loves to spend as much of their lifetime outside as they can do so you have to give them opportunities around their new home through photos.

Do you feel inspired by my work to get the right images of your property? It is my honour to get the best photos of the exterior of your real estate.

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