Differences between the Canary Islands

Differences between the Canary Islands

I live in Tenerife but why? As an architecture photographer I am lucky enough to have travelled all the islands. I have seen the differences between the islands so many times. Well, to be right, there are some which I have been only limited times. Now I decided to share you my thoughts about them and what is the differences between the Canary Islands in my point of view.

El Hierro

Smallest but it is really amazing. There are forests where you will feel like somewhere totally else. It has the “highlandish” part which reminds me Scotland or Ireland. lawn with firewalls. Almost no traffic, everything is so simple. It is inspiring.

But could I live there? I think no. For me, especially with 2 kids I need a bit different. But it is really something very hidden. If you would like to understand the island, you will immediately when you arrive the so little tiny airport.

La Gomera

Green. Green and greener. Built by rainforests I would say. I felt like that actually. I have been there only once but I really loved it. Quiet, relaxed and some parts are really something like rainforests on high hills. One of my favourite cheese is made here, the “Almogrote”. If you come to the Canaries once, be sure that you do not miss it.


We spent here the 30th birthday of my beloved wife. It was an amazing time. I felt like a bit like in Egypt. The coasts and the weather is nothing to complain about. If you want to have good weather and nice sandy beaches then Fuerteventura is your island. All Inclusive hotels all around but not overcrowded. The capital (Corralejo) is a very nice small town, it has a bit american style with its 1 storey buildings and walking areas. Something like if I was in Miami. The Dunes is amazing, you have to see them!


I have been here so many times I can describe it a bit better than the others. It is something like Fuerteventura BUT it has 2 remarkable things I want to tell about.

  1. Puerto del Carmen is a very nice place. Beaches all long, restaurants and bars. Perfect place to spend some weeks. The weather is almost always perfect, but maybe a bit windy in general.
  2. There is something I still do not understand. For a reason they can NOT have any building painted any colour but only white. Not even beige. You would say this is unique. Well, Santorini looks really good but this makes the whole island flat for me. I am like a walking GPS but could be lost on Lanzarote.

Gran Canaria

The capital of the Canary Islands. I always wanted to visit Rio De Janeiro but couldn’t yet. When I first walked in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, I felt like being in Rio. Amazing long beach area just in the middle of the history town area. The landscape of the capital is something I really like.

Some upper parts of the island like Teror reminds me Austria with its green fields and cows (not too much cows btw). Maspalomas is a well built touristic area just right next to the Dunes of Maspalomas which is a small Sahara. You really have to see it.

If you go more to the South you will find Puerto del Mogán there which shows a totally different face of the island.


I left Tenerife for the last on a good reason. I live here. I tried to look the other islands with the eye “if I could live there or not” but I always get back to Tenerife as the best option for me. Of course it will not be for everyone.

Almost 1 million people live here, it has very strong touristic attractions. The Teide makes the climate special here and you can have all year summer on the South or an all year green nature on the North. I live on the South now as most of my works are located here but I would like to move to the North in a short period of time.

Also the tourism is much higher on the southern areas (Las Americas) due to the better weather all year round. I love to know that we have the number 1 zoo on the planet and the number 1 waterpark here. I don’t mean they lift the quality of our life but I just do not feel so far away from the world knowing that my kids can know more here, or at least not so much less.


All islands have their small things. It would be better if I could show you personally but I cannot do that now just write down the differences between the canary islands. Please note that all words above are my personal comments and thoughts which I was brave enough to share with you.

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