About me

My name is Peter Kiss and I am a photographer who specializes in photographing architecture. I live and work on Tenerife, but available for whole Canary Islands and for mainland Spain.

I have the fortune to live and work on such an amazing place of our Planet as the Canary Islands are. As the islands are a good is a perfect for investors, I am lucky enough to shoot various kinds of architecture on the islands.

I always liked the nice buildings and homes and had a life around selling so making the best possible photos that will sell or promote something is very close to my heart.

The service I represent is more than bringing a high-end camera to make high resolution images. Upon the requirements of my clients I make them the photos with the feelings they need on the highest architecture photography standards. I really love my work as I feel the value in it. Because as we used to say:

There is no second chance for the first impression

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