My name is Peter Kiss and I am a specialized photographer for architectural and real estate photography and videography.

I have the fortune to live and work on such an amazing place of our Planet as the Canary Islands are. I am more than glad to travel to any of the islands to work for you. In cases I also work on mainland Spain.

You can make nice photos with your smartphone also in some cases. The equipment I work with is not necessary to make good images. If you have a real good view on basics how you can make nice photos of a room or a balcony, a smartphone will also make good photos for you. You might be your real estate photographer.

The service I represent is more than bringing a camera to have high resolution images. Upon the requirements of my clients I make them the photos with the feelings they need. Because as we used to say:

There is no second chance for the first impression

My clients are all different. Of course most of them are holiday rental agencies, who need my service of staging also, so that the photos deliver the “I am already there, enjoying my holiday and oh my God I don’t want to close this window” feeling. Proper accessories, right angles will make it possible.

When it comes to sell a property we have to make photos a little different, just like for hotels where we need to match a requested corporate identity for the Hotel. There are so many differencies, I can also learn every day.

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Thanks you very much for reading my words, now let the photos speak in my Gallery


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